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Natalie Janji

Bestselling author, coach, and speaker Natalie Janji performed her TEDx talk around the transformational topic Do, Not Worry: Redefining Anxiety in October 2018. The video isn’t out yet, but people have been buzzing about it, waiting for its release!

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About Do, Not Worry

Have you ever wanted to change or improve an area of your life, but you couldn’t figure out how? Ever felt so stuck you didn’t know which way to turn? In these moments, I’d reach out to people for help and guidance. Yet, when I did, the common response I’d receive was, “Don’t Worry, Natalie, you’ll be okay.”

While, “Don’t Worry” brought me a brief moment of comfort, I realized that it did not bring me clarity on the steps I needed to take to move forward. What I really needed was for someone to tell me what I can do. From this frustration came the creation of a simple, yet powerful mantra that has changed my life: Do, Not Worry. 

By repeating this mantra to myself in moments of anxiety, I begin to shift my focus from not worrying to taking action. While I was once part of the majority of people who chose to escape feelings of fear, doubt, and worry, I run towards these feelings now, as they hold key information about areas of my life I need to improve.

My life has transformed by taking one bold, courageous action at a time: one moment of doing at a time. 

Do, Not Worry: Redefining Anxiety will teach you how to stop overthinking and start doing. Your kickass life awaits!

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