“Natalie improved my positivity and elevated my motivation. She encouraged me to be passionate, optimistic, and driven during a time when I was struggling to find purpose in life. I am extremely grateful for all the help she’s given me to lead a more fulfilling life.”


– Sarah Jayawardene M.S. ’19

Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition

Tufts University

“During her time at LMU, Natalie excelled at being a guide for our first-year students and mentoring them through the curricular and co-curricular transition to collegiate life. I would highly recommend her as a mentor to any parent or student getting ready for college. It is an investment that will multiply for years after graduation.”

– Jennifer Belichesky-Larson, Ed.D.

Assistant Dean, Student Success @ Loyola Marymount University


“Natalie never fails to help me feel motivated and capable when I am struggling. She is reliable, understanding, and always willing to give her best advice. Not only is she a great mentor, but conversations with her feel like conversations with a caring and supportive friend. On top of that, she is hilarious! I am so grateful to have had her wisdom and assistance throughout my college career.”

– Sarabella Muise B.A. ’17

Psychology and Studio Art 

Santa Clara University